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How to prune a fig tree?

my daughter has just moved into a house with a very old fig tree. Over the years it has been staked with various pieces of wood. It even has some thick blue nylon rope cutting into the trunk.

Can anyone give us some advice on where to start with this? How to prune it? Should we remove the rope? And any other help you can offer.

thank you 




 Sorry for the photograph on its side


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,442

    I agree. remove the rope. Cut it hard back, it will regenerate and you can then prune new shoots to give the shape you want. I have slaughtered mine on several occasions, it still grows back.

  • Jane MunroJane Munro Posts: 2

    Thank you very much. I will pass on the advice.

    i will probably get the job ????

  • suziiisuziii Posts: 19

    yes, I get the 'by how much' but I need to know when!

    I shortened my son's fig tree in late March but now, May, the leaves on the end of a lot of the stems have curled up. I'd hate to have killed it.

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