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Thoughts on Heath Pearlwort Lawn

I am looking to cover an area at the end of my garden around 3m by 4m with a yew hedge at one end. No sure of the position think it is SouthWest , it is in shade from mid-afternoon.  I don't want lawn as I hate cutting it and have no other lawn so would need me to buy a lawn mower. It is separated from the rest of the garden by the pond and a path. 

I have been given some Heath Pearlwort which I am growing on to fill the space forming a green no cut lawn. It sounded like the perfect soloution, The trouble is when I look it up on the internet it seems like only one step up from Japanese Knotweed as a garden nuisance. No one I know seems to be able to offer much information and suspect this might be the one place I will get some good sound practical advice or even someone who has used it.. I obviously don't want to plant it if I am going to spend ten years trying to get rid.

Any thoughts advice welcome

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