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Lilac tree fungus - how do I treat it?

I have an old white lilac tree in my front garden, probably about 15 foot high. It has (to my untrained eye!) appeared completely healthy until this spring, when I found one large branch has completely died back and all the branches which grow from it are covered in fungus. Is it likely that the fungus killed this branch, or has the branch died over the winter and the fungus taken hold? If I lop this large branch off below the fungus, is it likely to spread back down to the main trunk and up the other branches? I would be really sad to lose this tree as it is beautiful and perfect in its current location. How can I save it?

picture of fungus below if anyone can identify it, that would be great!



Thanks in advance for any help 


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391

    The vast majority of fungi only live on dead wood so I suspect the branch was already dead.  To be safe, remove the branch and cut well below and into living wood.  Ideally remove the whole branch right back to the trunk.  There are no treatments available.

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  • Jo104Jo104 Posts: 10

    Thanks Bob, that makes sense. I will perform the amputation tomorrow and dispose of the branch. Poor old tree!

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