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Gypsophila annual vs perennial

hi all,

I'm growing gypsophila from seed this year. I'm growing the annual variety (Gypsophela 'Covent Garden') and the perennial variety (Gypsophila 'paniculata'). 

The perennial variety look very healthy and happy to me, my concern is the annual variety, the leaves look quite a yellow green. My question is do these look healthy to you? Has anyone grown these before?

perennial to the left, annual to the right.





  • JerryBoneJerryBone Posts: 91

    Aym280, my greenhouse is not heated no, are you thinking that it could be the cold that's making it yellower? Or is it the colour it's supposed to be?

  • JerryBoneJerryBone Posts: 91

    Thanks! I appreciate that image. I've used my home made compost, I haven't had to buy commercial compost for the last two years, I have 2 compost bins image.

    I really don't remember exactly when I showed the seeds, I think it was right at the beginning of April, maybe the end of March.I started them indoors and moved them straight into the greenhoise once they germinated. 

    Thanks again

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