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Growing Roses on the patio. Planter or dig a hole

dominomandominoman Posts: 150

I'd like to grow roses under my kitchen window (see window on left hand side in the picture below).

I was thinking of using a long planter made of sleepers.  But I need to resurface the patio fairly soon anyway so would I be better waiting and then digging a hole?

I've never grown roses (or anything much) before so any advice is much appreciated.  Thanks!





  • Hi.

    I'd vote for the dig a hole approach. Having grown roses in the ground and in pots they are so much happier in the ground. Just don't put the earth higher than your damp proof in the house walls. 

    Also make sure you pick a rose that doesn't need full sun all day if you're north east facing. Maybe Rosa New Dawn?.

    Check the height if you buy a rambler, if you pick one that grows 5 metres or more it'll be a bit high for your windows. And consider a scented one, if you're going to sit next to it to make the most of the fragrance. image. There some other threads on the forum about the best scented roses.

    You could also under plant with some Nicotiana, highly fragranced and easy to grow-they're annuals so you'll get them in the garden centre soon in a poly tray for a few quid. They'll cope with partial shade and give scent in the evening.

  • Hi again, I was reading 2 threads so ignore the North East facing comment, that was another thread!

    But it is worth checking your aspect before picking a plant! 



  • LynLyn Posts: 23,048
    How many hours of sunshine does it actually get there, roses like full sun for a good few hours of the day at least. Maybe a rose isn't the best choice for North East facing.
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

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