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What plant is this?



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    The bulk of it's neatly clipped Hosta. image

    Just a bit lazy when it comes to squeezing down the back of the shed with electric shears. image

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  • Donna-Donna- Posts: 6

    Hello, I would say that I am quite confident that this is simply a Viburnum Tinus; It is meant to be a medium to large shrub.  They should flower a flatish spray of white flower heads from November through to March - but in my experience in the last 10 years with the weather/seasons a little squewed they are flowering either much earlier or later or just flowering whenever they feel like it.  There is a smaller variety called "Eve Price" which is more suited to a small garden but Tinus is the most common.  

    As I said, this really should be a medium/Large shrub, but yours seems to have been neglected.  As it is out of shape (I tend to hand prune to a rough egg or ball shape at the size I want) please be confident that If you saw through the trunk you will have a 85% chance of it simply bouncing back with vigorous buds within 6 weeks. I have rejeuvenated many of these and have not lost one yet. (always a first time).  If you can see damage on the leaves - there is an insect that is particularly partial to Viburnum - you can deal with this over 2 seasons; spray with an inscticide in early spring (including the underside of the leaves) and the bark, then do this again in the autumn when the adults are looking to re-infest the following spring.  Try to look at it this way; as it is you have an unruly shape and so it really is worth taking it to around 2 feet from soil level and having a beautiful evergreen starting again for the next 10 years. 


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