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I am pretty new to gardening and having spent a few days thinking about how to plant up my new borders (from having some decking removed, dug out and top soil put down) I have come across these ready made borders on crocus.

What do people think of these? The one I was looking at was the budget

In terms of what flowers I like I had originally planned for clematis and honeysuckle at the back for some height (grown up trellis) and some anemones and marguerites towards the front. I also like lavender and rosemary. the border is approximately 3/4m long by 75/100cm deep...very sunny and the soil is alkaline.

any tips please...


  • helentofthelentoft Posts: 24

    What a lovely palette of colours. Having bought from crocus myself I know that you will get good quality plants with no quibbles if you have problems. They are also good at giving advice so I would send the query above to them too. No disrespect intended to all the worthy forum contributors.


  • Hi Jammy

    if your going to buy from Crocus, Gardeners world have a 15% discount offer for use on the crocus site so you may be able to save some more valuable money. the link is on this forum page to the right of  where I am typing



    Jolly G

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    That Crocus border is 2m deep, yours is half that, so a big shrub like the Choisya would need to be kept under control. Don't think there would be any room for anything in front of it. Lavender is fine in sunny alkali soil. Some of those plants are quite vigorous. If you want more room for planting perennials then Honeysuckle and clematis would be better than shrubs. Unless you could make the bed deeper.

    Dordogne and Norfolk
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    Hi Jammy, there are some pretty plants in this collection but l wouldn't personally buy it for the size border you have. I do have a ceanothus skylark in my front garden and it is lovely in the summer when in full bloom, I've planted a clematis etoille violet (purple) next to it and drape the stems over it, this flowers later in summer and extends the shrubs interest. My local GC sells them for about £8 in a 2L pot, they grow fairly quickly.  The perennials in the collection are only in 9cm pots and l have seen/ bought these for the same price but in 2L pots in garden centres. Also the geranium Rosemoor only flowers once and does not flower again even if it is sheared down after its finished . I would recommend geranium Rozanne or geranium Brookside ( both bluey) these flower all summer. The japanese anemone Queen Charlotte is gorgeous but flowers later, as will the asters. These l would say are middle border plants and can grow to 90cms tall. These are also readily available in 2L pots for the same price. The campanula and erigeron l have only seen growing over walls so don't know how they would suit growing in a border. The verbena is available now in most GC or Home base /BQ for around £2.50 in 1L pots. So l would advise you to shop around if you have transport, are fairly close to some garden centres, have the time to because it's good to see what you're buying, good to see what else might catch your eye. I have 2 honeysuckles and they are wonderful , one is growing next to a climbing rose. Have you considered a climbing rose, some are virtually thornless e.g The generous gardener by David Austin roses? 

  • lilysillylilysilly Posts: 429

    Jammy to clarify the ceanothus is about £8 in a 2 L pot, the clematis  much , much cheaper. Also have you considered sowing a few seeds to flower this season. Many could be sown where you wish them to flower e.g. the taller poppies, borage, cornflowers .

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