Bee friendly sculpture

I believe it is difficult for bees to drink from ordinary water sources, so I filled a decorative pot with gravel so that they can land and drink easily, then inserted two different height left over Woodblocx posts with ready drilled holes upright in the gravel.In some of the holes I put canes. It looks like a modern sculpture but is, in fact, for wildlife.


  • Hi Janet sounds great any chance of seeing a pic please ? 

  • Janet119Janet119 Posts: 2

    I would love to send one Heather. Unfortunately I am a pensioner who has not yet worked out how to send digital photos. When I get time I will post one.

  • LINDA FLINDA F Posts: 162

    Janet that's a great idea. My OH made me a bee house today and it looks brilliant I am so chuffed with it. Would send a picture but I don't know how to. I love the bees and started a bee friendly garden last year and was thrilled to bits watching the bees come into my garden. I bought 2 tall verbena to plant up as the bees love them. .  

  • Mark56Mark56 Windsor, BerkshirePosts: 1,653

    Sounds wonderful Janet, well done for helping the bees! I'm making a conscious effort to have everything I plant bee friendly this year, verbena bonariensis, lavender, salvia, campanula, delphiniums & hebe etc. 

  • Oh ok Janet no worries great idea though 

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