Anemones De Caen

I bought a couple of packets of these bulbs/corms(?) today.  I have never grown them before and the picture of them flowering on the front of the packets tempted me. Has anyone grown these - are they easy/difficult to produce the lovely flowers & can I grow them in large terracotta pots - do I layer them and how many in each pot please? Are they annuals or perennials?



  • Sophie17Sophie17 Posts: 342
    I bought some last year, the instructions said Autumn planting and they are currently in flower. I've some in the ground and some in pots. In the ground I left 6 inches between and in pots I left 4 inches. The ones in pots I planted above lily bulbs so by the time they finish flowering the lilies will be up
  • That conjures up a lovely picture of the two types of bulbs making a stunning display Sophie. I was going to plant them in the next few days putting 25 in each pot. The bulbs looks so dry and shrivelled so I think I will be lucky to get 15 - 20 actually doing anything. I assume that if all shoot up I could transplant some into another pot.

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    When I last grew them in pots I planted them in the autumn. Then when I wanted to plant petunias for summer I dug them up and forgot to bring them indoors and something must have eaten them, the next morning they had gone!

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  • It seems that Autumn is the time to plant them, but the instructions on the packet tell me to plant now .....perhaps it was a squirrel or fox that ate them Lizzie - they don't look very appetizing but then neither do edoes & I eat them!

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    I have to grow these in pots because they tend to rot over winter in my cold heavy wet soil. They look good as part of a bulb lasagne.

    I allowed some to go to seed last year (or was it the year before? - can't remember) - anyway I sowed the seed and had good germination. This year some of the seedlings have flowered - nice way to increase stock.
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    I plant them every year and they flower fantastically then never come back! I have no idea why???

  • Sophie17Sophie17 Posts: 342
    GD i forgot to say it said to soak in water overnight prior to planting. They do look dried and shrivelled that's completely normal image
  • I've planted some in the garden a month ago and now there are leaves appearing. I was also surprised by how shrivelled they looked, but I didn't know I had to soak them overnight. Are they going to bloom this year?

  • Sophie17Sophie17 Posts: 342
    They might do. Mine just said Autumn planting for May/June flower. Although they have been in flower since late March and are nearly finished now. Seem a bit unpredictable
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    Soak the corms overnight in cold water to re-hydrate them then plant in pots or in the ground if you have a sheltered spot.  Worked for me but they struggled in successive years because of very harsh winters.  I may well try again as recent winters have been mild.

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