Geum Cooky

Has anyone grown a geum called Cooky - it has an orange flower - if so do you have a picture please.  I bought two today and the flowers look quite small but delicate & pretty too.


  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 3,199

    I have it in my collection of Geum. Lower growing than some, but it is a nice front of the border plant. Dead head if you can remember as the seed heads are just the right height to stick to your socks and they are a devil to remove from clothes.

  • Yes I was attracted by their flowers, although red is my main theme for the garden. I am trying to become more adventurous in my planting thanks to this Forum, so will try to remember to take a couple of pictures later in the summer if we get one.

  • That's what it is all about aym - a bit hit and miss but hopefully more hits during the year. My (snooty) relation once told me that my colours didn't match and looked awful - but I didn't take too much notice of the remark as his garden was so neat and bland and it looked boring.

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