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We have a fuchsia that comes back every year, and is over 10 years old. I've no idea what variety it is. The problem is, it grows huge and tries to take over the garden, spreading a good metre in every direction, but it barely has any flowers.

I cut it back to the ground at the right time so why is it all leaves and few flowers? It has massive roots and has sent up at least three separate plants over the years, but I'm not sure I want more of them if all they care about are world domination and don't flower for me!


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    I would be tempted to replace it with another variety, Panoply.  There are a profusion of hardy fuchsias these days with better 'manners'! image

    Look for those with an RHS AGM.

    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
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    Does it get enough sun or is it a shade lover?  Position may be the issue, maybe replant one of the separate plants in a new position and see how that goes.

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    It's right in the middle of the garden, so should get a full day's sun. One of its children has been planted between some other bushes in a shadier position and is also trying to take over the world by sprawling all over everything. Another is in a pot in even more shade and is forced to be less smother-all-the-neighbours by the height of the pot, but is still rather straggly and the few flowers it has are small.

    At least the parent plant offers a lot of shade for the pond. The frogs are appreciative of it, and are pretty much the only ones who see any of the flowers, since they're all on the bottom branches and practically touching the ground!

    Why are they only flowering on the lower branches? Does it need feeding or something? I don't think they've ever been fed.

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