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Yellowing leaves on cherry laurel

I have a long, high cherry laurel hedge, but in one area, there seems to be a few plants which have some yellowing of leaves. This is adjacent to the area which has a gap in it, which I've just filled with young laurels.

What could be causing this? Does the soil need a good feed in this area? (I guess that can't hurt....) It is near two large yew trees, so there is probably lots of competition for both nutrients and water.

No idea as to the history of whether it's been fed or mulched regularly, as we've not been here that long.

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  • Abby2Abby2 Posts: 101

    I think Cherry Laurels do have some yellowed leaves this time of year - mine usually have a few yellowing and drop off for a month or so before the new growth starts.

    Otherwise I think they can suffer from chlorosis if planted in very alkaline soils. I imagine if they are also competing for nutrients this might particularly affect them. A good feed will help I'm sure! I've used Epsom Salts with good results in the past.



  • Thanks Abby!
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