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Houseplants: potted roses

NytiriNytiri Posts: 5

Hi all, Just wondered if it is possible to plant small potted roses out in the know the sort I mean? I received lots of little 'houseplant' roses for my birthday and now the flowers are over there is so much new growth on the bushes. Would they transplant outdoors?

I'd be grateful for any comments as I am a total novice but want to learn more!


  • pansyfacepansyface Posts: 22,693

    They will survive outside, it's true. But they are not really bred for longevity. They are "buy and die" plants, intended to be given as presents and then forgotten about. Give them a go in the garden but be prepared to be underwhelmed by their performance.

    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
    If you live in Derbyshire, as I do.
  • lilysillylilysilly Posts: 511

    Hi Nytiri, l have also been gifted these little roses before and thought I'd try and keep them after flowering. On closer inspection of my small potted roses l discovered the plant was in fact 3 small individual plants grown in the same pot. So l gently separated the plants and potted them as a 3 in a much bigger ( l think 3litre ) sized pot, spacing them further apart. I just used MPC and a bit of rose fertilizer. After replanting l cut down the stems by half to reduce any shock to the plants. Within a few weeks they were lovely and bushy with new buds. I then placed them (still in there pots but buried) into some whicker planters l had at the time surrounded by little trailing surfinia petunias. They looked very pretty all summer. 

  • I recently planted one of those "indoor" roses received for Christmas in our garden. I noticed that the pot actually contained a few small cuttings of roses but just stuck them all in the one hole that we dug. There is plenty of new growth so hopefully it will turn into a lovely little rose plant with flowers again.

  • NytiriNytiri Posts: 5

    Many thanks to you all! On closer inspection, yes, there are several little plants in each of the pots. Will follow your instructions and fingers crossed!

    ps...Oh,, Pansyface! ..Your 'buy and die' epithet made me quite sad!

  • As I planted the pot of rose I added some bonemeal, horse manure & feed & water it regularly.

  • NytiriNytiri Posts: 5

    Thank you GD2...have got some well rotted manure so when it stops SNOWING I'll get right on it!!


  • Snow! Oh poor you - we have been so lucky here - yes the air is cool - still wearing jumper & coat but no snow or ice here. Planting your rose will keep you warm for a while Nytiri.

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