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Sweat peas dying

Hi all,

I have grown several sweet pea varieties this year and they are all doing really well. Apart from one lot that have been sitting in a water trey with a constant supply of water. My question is, is it the constant wet soil that is killing the plants, they are about 4 inches tall and were doing great until recently. They have turned brown and shrivelled up

They are in the same soil and same conditions as the other sweet peas that are growing perfectly. 

Any help would be much appreciated!


  • JerryBoneJerryBone Posts: 91

    Thanks Verdun, I was pretty sure this was why. I just thought id get a second opinion to see if there was maybe more to it than just too much water.

    I've never killed a plant with too much water before! There's a first for everything though right?!

    Thanks again

  • Lily PillyLily Pilly Posts: 3,845

    Verdun, have you heard anything from David (K) recently?  Is he ok?

    Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them.”
    A A Milne
  • Lily PillyLily Pilly Posts: 3,845

    David has popped up Verdun thanks for replying, he must have heard usimage

    Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them.”
    A A Milne
  • Can't recall 'signing up' to anything, Edd......and the pay is pretty poor. image

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