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Aubegine not doing well!

Hi all, I bought my aubergine from the local garden centre about a month ago and placed it in an unheated polythene greenhouse. It did ok for a while and then it started turning yellow. I worried it might be cause of the cold so I protected it with some more polythene material for a night but that made the leaves to curl and go soft! The tomatoes and peppers are doing fine. The mulch looking stuff in the photo is some organic slug wood pellets I added few days ago, but the yellowing had started 1-2 weeks before that. I used vegetable growmore organic soil, general purpose organic pellets for vegetables and very tiny amount of organic tomato feed a couple weeks ago.

Today it looks very bad. Can I save it? Should I cut the four big leaves and just leave the new growth on in hope for it to recover?


Thank you


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    Forgot to attach photos! ps: I meant wool pellets. Also I water every 4-5 days.

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