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When you ordered a plant last year...

... and it turns up today - finally - and you'd forgotten all about it! (Edgeworthia Grandiflora)

Um, now, where do I put it? I *might* have forgotten what I originally wanted to do with it....


  • Ah, glad I helped in some way in that case! image

    I do have a potential spot for it - not where I originally imagined it, but it has shelter behind it, decent soil and is easterly facing (well, southeasterly really). I had originally wanted to put it on the other side of the garden with a southwesterly aspect, but I've used that space now :/

  • Of course Verdun! Just send me the Philadelphus you've cruelly tossed aside, first, so I can comfort it image

  • Oh, I don't want a hydrangea, payment deal is off image

    I have a philadelphus aureus (just a baby, though) just up the border from where I think the edgeworthia will be going, I absolutely love the colour, so fresh. Yes, keep the philadelphus!

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