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Worried about my Lacewing Larvae!

Just that really.

I ordered them online, from Green Gardener, weeks ago, GG only despatch then when the temp reaches a certain level, or they don't perform as well.

I finally received last week, when it was a balmy 17 degrees in London and had been warm for a few days, then the stupid Arctic front that we've been having the past few days, came over and it has been bitterly cold since Saturday!

Please tell me that my larvae haven't all pegged it...but are just sheltering somewhere, feeling rather peeved by the sudden unseasonable cold, and will be back and demolishing pests in my garden, with a vengeance, once Spring actually decides to return?



  • My garden is very protected and in central London and nom I didn't give them a shelter. I wasn't advised to and I've never done so in the past, with these larvae or ladybird ones - and they have always done well.

    They were very happy and active when I released them last week...image

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