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  • Yes, please do Verdun - it is always interesting to see what our plants SHOULD look like & you and aym have given me some valuable advice. I have cut all the old leaves off the plants in the flower bed today & already the Hellebores look far healthier. I will endevour to cut the flowers of in a few weeks time.

  • Look forward to seeing them ....

  • Received thanks.  I will be in touch.

  • Those Hellebores do look good aym - lovely healthy leaves but I realize that it is the roots that are the real test of a good plant. Good luck with them.

  • Those mature and over crowded  Hellebores that we dug out yesterday are going to a new home - nothing gets wasted here if we can help it. A friend will be the recipient of them tomorrow, along with some chives, parsley, hollyhocks & geum. I wonder if she will return the favour .........?

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