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  • Bob BobBob Bob Posts: 61

    aym280 - I'm in the northwest but even then the pots are just somewhere to keep the surplus from when I thinned out the plants that had self seeded. Pots are a handy way of storing them until I've got their home in the new border shaped, weeded and planned.

    Funny thing is I have them planted in the cooler shady corners and they still flower prolifically.


  • Reading all your tips on looking after your Hellebores and seeing the picture of your wonderful potted Hellebore Runny has got me thinking that perhaps I have neglected mine for too long. We re-did our flower bed a couple of years ago adding plenty of rich top soil & wood chip and the Hellebores have taken over an area of the flower bed - attaching some pictures. As you can see they look a bit jaded to say the least. Should I remove all the flowers or at least the seeds?




     Some seedlings in picture above.



  • Thanks aym - you mean just the old leaves - those tinged with darker parts?  Some of the new leaves have come through recently which are a lovely lush green. What about the seeds in the flower heads - do I remove those too?

  • I will be out there tomorrow with my secateurs - thanks for all the advice which makes sense & is obviously something that I should have done a while back - I have never been so busy outside as I have since joining this fantastic forum - I have an awful lot to learn!

  • Lou12Lou12 Posts: 1,149

    That hellebore is a superb colour runnybeak - love it.

  • 1Runnybeak1 - I have loads of seedlings you may like for free.  They are the dark reddy coloured Hellebores and I also have loads of the H. Foetidus - which are bright green.

    I would be happy to pot some up and send in a month or so.    DM me your address if you would like some. 



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