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  • Reading your comments - yes I too would like to see some pictures Verdun - I only have a sort of greenycreamy hellebore with a tinge of deep pink on the underside of the flower. Should I be cutting the leaves once the plant has flowered? Normally I just let them die down naturally.  I have plenty in flower now but I thought they were also known as the Christmas Rose? We have just had Easter ..... so are they late or is that name just a fallacy?

  • That makes sense Verdun - the flowers are somewhat hidden with all the leaves surrounding them. Again we have woodchip around the plants - the whole flower bed is covered in chips but the seedlings managed to push their way through the chips, luckily not many weeds among them so far this year. Is it o.k. to put horse manure as a feed? My hellebores started as one small clump taken from next door's garden when they were selling up - and now they dominate the large flower bed - about 10 - 15 clumps!

  • Lou12Lou12 Posts: 1,149

    Worth their weight in gold though, they look so lovely all winter.

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