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Liz WarnerLiz Warner Posts: 199

This is a small east facing bed at the front of my house.  We're painting the garage wall soon so that will look neater.  I need to pull out the bluebells that have crept out of the bed.  I've planted some white heathers, a few black mondo grasses and there's a hosta right at the back.  I'm thinking of putting in another black bamboo in the far left corner next to the garage wall.  I need something mid height I think at the bacK.  What would you suggest? 

(Ground is quite wet and clay-ey!)



  • Can you fix anything to the wall behind? Is it yours? If so, would a nice evergreen clematis going up there work for you? It'd keep its feet cool in there. Maybe this Fragrant Oberon: to keep the palette muted. Or if there's not much light, hydrangea petiolaris?

    (I don't know if those are spectacularly obvious; sorry if so. Am new!

  • Liz WarnerLiz Warner Posts: 199
    Ok. I'm liking both those suggestions. Thank you! Usually manage to sneak plants in to the beds or I get "stop spending money on the garden before we finished tidying it' (we've recently moved in to a renovation project) and a clematis is less subtle to sneak in! I've got an inside hydrangea I want to hardy up and put outside but I'm not sure what it is
  • B3B3 Posts: 26,987

    If you've just moved in , perhaps the previous owner had planted just the clematis you were thinking ofimage

    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • Liz WarnerLiz Warner Posts: 199
    That's amazing!!
  • Tanty2Tanty2 Posts: 221

    What about Choisya?  Scented or not, chartreuse or rich mid-green, evergreen and (even in my windy cold garden) indestructible!  Another grass that looks gorgeous with the mondo is Uncinia Rubra image

  • Is the front edge, where the bluebells are sunnier and/or dryer? If so you could maybe sow some annuals in there for the price of a packet of seeds. I love the front wall. image

  • Liz WarnerLiz Warner Posts: 199
    Thanks for all the suggestions. I've just found a quiet half hour at work to read through! I suppose the front is a little dryer. The back is very clay-ey! Your suggestions have led me to do some research. I'm aware I don't want too much of a mix of different plants but more of the same. How about anemone X hybrida honorine Jobert, white blazing star or even lillies?
  • How about a fern?  There is a nice one Athyrium niponicum 'Godzilla', it's good in boggy/damp condition, works well with hostas  and I love the colours on it.



  • Anenomes and lilies and liatris would do well there I think, especially if you mix in a some grit or sharp sand underneath them when you plant. Maybe plant some spring flowering bulbs between them when the autumn comes.

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