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  • Hi - my first post. I stumbled on the forum at tea time tonight and have spend the evening reading past posts so I have now joined so I don't feel like a stalker. I am still trying to turn what was an entirely concrete garden into something pretty. i have built a garden on top of the concrete. I must admit that £47 is nowt. I try to grow from seed with some success ( I am a novice ) but I can't resist buying new plants. This year I have another area rescued from concrete hell and have spend a good few bob on plants, sleepers, soil etc. I am also a bit of a container freak ( last year my mum in law counted 180 odd while she was watering when I was on my hols) so renewing my container plants cost a good £150 . 

    whatever the cost it's worth it as I can't believe how much I love pottering in my garden and when its all in bloom, sitting having a glass of wine and remembering that I grew that .

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    Hi Faywray, welcome to the forum. image

    The glass of wine and admiration of the garden is essential.image

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    Hi Faywray, welcomeimage I am a bit of a container freak too and I thought I had a lot in having 60, I laughed when I saw the amount £47 ,I could spend that in a day and have done so frequently. I don't drink or smoke and the joy I get from my garden is worth every penny I spend on it. I take cuttings and divide my plants and give them to neighbours , friends and family. I am a bit of a bargain hunter too and look out for reduced plants at the end of the season which will be great for the following year. £47??  I nearly fell of my chair laughingimageimage   

  • Thanks all for the warm welcome.

    My old house garden was very small and mostly Yorkshire stone flags ( it was my first garden of my own) so I bought planters and filled them each summer with bedding / container plants and also lifted a few flags to grow Passion flowers up the side of a garage which took uk most of the garden space. 

    We moved 5 years ago and although I loved the old rundown house, the garden was non existent, just a large area wrapping it's self around the house which had been completely concreted. 

    Over the past years I have turned a large chunk of it into what I suppose is cottage garden style. I love delphiniums, lupins, lilies etc ...the more I can squeeze in the less weeds can get it. I am quite chuffed now as I even know some of the names of the plants rather than my usual ' tall blue ones with masses of pretty bits ' . and i do all the planting and growing myself which is not easy at times as I need to use crutches and have RA in my hands . Can't even count the times I have needed to call someone to come round to pick me up out of one of the raised beds when my sticks have fallen out of reach lol . 

    This year we have built a new garage ( my partners toy box ) in a more sensible space which has given me a new lump of concrete to change into garden. It's about 10 mtr x 8 mtr. So I have a new raised bed made of sleepers which has been planted for 5 weeks now and a shed ( love my shed ) which has a veranda with large planters made from scaffold boards. I even have a wee fence, to separate garden from cars area, with a proper picketgate and a pergola . 

    Sorry for rabbiting on but I am amazed how much I really enjoy gardening and watching it evolve and grow. I am a novice but I have found this forum great and enjoy reading through other post. 

    Once things start to bloom I will post a wee pic or two of the garden on concrete ??

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    Faywray  your enjoyment and enthusiasm are very evidentimage.

    I like the idea of surveying it all from the shed verandah.

    SW Scotland
  • Thank you all so much for the encouragement . It's awesome. None of my friends garden so I think I must bore the pants of them when I go on about how I rescued a plant from B&M bargains .. I took a few photos today to sent to my partner ( he works away from home ) . He, like my friends, likes the end product in the summer and likes sitting in the garden when in bloom. I am afraid that as soon as the cold weather comes I cannot do anything at all in the garden as the cold can give me ulcers on my wee fingers so it really is a summer garden. 

    The first few pics are what the new bit of garden was like through winter until late March and the rest were taken today. I am so pleased to see things growing, and I have to admit I feel pretty proud too. All the heavy stuff like the fence , beds, etc have all been made from scratch ( and normally from scrap timber off jobs - he's a joiner ) by my partner. Apologies for the long post again. imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

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    FaywrayimageYou must be delighted with the results of all the hard work. The dicentra is gorgeous. You are going to enjoy sitting out in the summerimage

    SW Scotland
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    Hi Faywray, we've not met but I just had to stop on the way past and congratulate you on the job you've done. It's fantastic. Did I read that you did all that and you use sticks and have dodgy hands? Well shame on me! image I cut the grass and can hardly lift a cup of coffee after! 

    You've put all your beautiful pictures on a wee chat thread about spending but I think you should add them to one of the "my garden" threads. Or start your own before and after one. I only found it by accident and I think you're a true inspiration. 

    There are loads of people on here with tiny yards and tiny spaces and they could learn so much from how you've used your containers and how to make something "not so pretty" into something worth looking at. 

    You're my star for today!

  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,234

    Ha...I just found it on Garden pictures!!!!

    Show us your shed!image

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    What great pictures. They certainly brightened my dull start to the day enormously. Well done you. It looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see the lilies in full bloom.

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