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marigold seeds - when to sow

Hi all, as above, getting near that time of year again and wondering when its best to sow my marigold seeds ?



  • Steve 309Steve 309 Posts: 2,753

    The ordinary Calendula - any time, as they're hardy.  The grow like weeds in many places, and are great for nectar.

    Tagetes, the smelly one which is great for discouraging whitefly in the greenhouse, is half-hardy (i.e. tender) but can be sown now in the greenhouse or cold frame.  If you want to sow direct outside, wait till the last frost is over.  Whenever that might be image

  • anyone else that can give me a basic time to sow these ?



  • TesniTesni Posts: 163

    Last year I sowed mine from the end of April to mid May, but it was warmer here (North Wales coast) last year. I haven't sowed any seeds outside yet this year.

  • chris 172chris 172 Posts: 403

    Hi Craig

    I have sown my calandula end of march and have a full tray of module plants now ready to go out however although they are quite hardy i will wait until end of may to plant in ground but will move to cold frame out greenhouse this week.

    Tagettes, french marigolds need to be planted now in a seed try as they will take at least 5/6 weeks to get to a size for planting out so plant now and cover with a clear bag or glass top until they come through and they quickly prick out into single modules so they can get a quick start against competing for space and feed in a pot or tray with others

    Normally as an annual bedding plant i would not plant these until end of may early jne up in the north east of England

    ps i will post a photograph of my calandula in modules when i take the picture

    happy gardening

  • ApplekandyApplekandy Posts: 6
    Sow now. Like Chris mine are ready to put in a cold frame , start on a windowsill ASAP !
  • If I sow now when could I expect to put in the garden ? cheers

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