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Shed Replacement But What Type

I would Welcome your opinions on which shed I should spend my well earned money on ??????

Wooden / Plastic / Metal

After mending and making do over the last few years, I have come to the end of my capabilities and have to replace. These things are Not cheap to purchase but what material should I be looking at.

I was once told by a "man in the pub" that the Metal ones suffer from condensation and every thing gets wet from the inside.

Please enlighten me with your Knowledge 


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  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,033

    Definitely timber.  It's easy to fix shelving, clips etc to the walls.  It doesn't suffer from condensation if it has decent ventilation.  Easy to repair if it does get damaged.

  • Hi Dogbowl

    Always a good wooden shedimage My shed was given to us by my mother in law when she moved house and that was 30 years ago and at that time it was 12 odd years old

    All I have done is stained it on a regular basis and felted it when needed, However its now come to the end of its life and we will be replacing it this year.

    Shiplap and even Overlap constructions are ok. always stain the inside of a shed when you first get it as helps keep wood protected and you don't want to do it at a later date when its full up and you have to empty it


    Jolly g

  • michael mpcmichael mpc Posts: 422

    hi dogbowl  a 10x8 //// 8x8 both are good  wood  mine I got of step son 8x8shiplap  I made window larger for sun light  and put a latch on window with mesh on inside  if you are buying a new one?  ask the person who makes them  to have a larger window so light gets in use as part g/house

  • hutchmanhutchman Posts: 39

    Hi Dogbowl,

    Agree with the comments above.

    Ensure the Shed wood is pre-treated with a good preservative and also ensure that roof has good overlap of quality bituminous roofing felt, in that way you can be confident of sturdy and leak free shed life.

    Alternatively, what about a good quality Polytunnel ?

  • DogbowlDogbowl Posts: 88

    Thanks all

    It appears (like I kind of thought ) wooden sheds seem to be the top choice.

    The ones we already have needs replacing after 10yrs to the best of our knowledge. But even in their sorry state I would say they are better than the options from our local DIY superstore which really do appear to be made of little more than cardboard.

    Well made ones run into hundreds But I guess would last for far far longer. The old concrete style we had for All my childhood down the bottom of my parents garden DO NOT appear available any more.

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