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One plant border - ideas please



  • Personally id pick out a couple of plants existing in the opposite border that fit your criteria, so that the path area is much more tied together - making it much simpler than introducing new plants


  • MeelyMeely Posts: 79
    I get the idea Jordan but I would like something different the only things in that border that would be suitable are White astrantias and geranium. I fancy something different my concession to taste is to have one or two plants only as you can see it's a long border (the steps bisect roughly in the middle)
  • MeelyMeely Posts: 79
    Actually I've got cat mint as well walkerslow hmmm
  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 4,025

    Dwarf box hedge - will always look neat and tidy. Not floriferous though.

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  • MeelyMeely Posts: 79
    It's a good idea but I have box blight in the garden and it's not cheap either but I agree would look nice.
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