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i have an allotment and it is my first year ther. ther are four more allotment ther.i am ther most of the year by my self. the rest of them only cume once a week. sume weeks not at all ther is a pollytunel 30ft long. i am the only one to youse it ther is two gardens one is mine, i love gardening but i wish ther was another gardener in northwood kirkby nr liverpool. that reads gardenersworld blogs cume and see the allotmentand see if we can get sume more and get sume more gardeners on it.


  • i moved into our house 2 years ago now we wont to start a garden but our earth is not very deep about a foot and half then its clay any pointerson what is best to plant as a flowering scrub s ect
  • how do i grow goseberry's without getting powdery mildew.BUT WITHOUT USING PESTASIDES
  • Blog hopping today, I it's such a surprise to have stumbled on your relaxing blog about gardening from a floor furnace in Glendale
  • I have been into growing my own veg for a while and would be most grateful if you can advise me on where to grow certain vegtables in my Polytunnel. I got my Polytunnel from and have the 4.5M version. Does it matter where the Veg is planted and grows at a different pace as the sun goes around the garden and polytunnel different times of the day. I have a South Facing Garden and would appreciate your help. By the way I have the best courgettes at the moment.
  • 1st june i got word a plot had come up only to have the pick of a plot of grass or an over grown secret garden yes i picked the jungle with 5ft high grass 18 damson trees and enough scafoldin to hold up the grand hotel the council offered to clear it but not a great lover of there methods of clearing i spent 3weeks to find the ground the old boy before me had it for over 25yrs and sadly passed away leaving me the best start i could ever wish for over the last 5yr all has got out of hand damson and blackberries tayberries taking over upto 50% will any thing else grow with so many roots as not a massive plot
    please can any one help my partner a damson in distress well she will be as i told her i wish to keep them all
  • hey there man

    great post i love it... check my url you might like it ;)
  • Hey there, I am growing caulis and cabbages for the first time ever in pots in my garden. Caulis are just starting to form curds, they were lovely and white to begin with, but are now turning yellow!! Is this to be expected? The peg idea is great too!!
  • Hi Sue the reason your caulis are going yellow is the sun, if you use pegs to keep some leaves covering the curd this will stop it turning any further. Its also good for autumn/winter plants as is gives some degree of protection from frost.
  • hey ther is six plots on my allotment in northwood kirkby nr liverpool three are used three never get used becouse the girls that run the allotment dont use them but they dont tell the council i think they could be run by sume one else? carnt they
  • I too have just inherited an allotment, or should I say Jungle. lol Not quite sure what I will find in the undergrowth and pretty excited about tackling it for the first time this morning. My partner thinks am mad, ut I just see a blank canvas to bring my dreams to life.
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