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Maxixrop for rejuvenating a hedge?

I have just cleared, foot by foot, about 30 metres of hedging. It was about 40+ builders buckets of ivy. The result has been staggering - daylight now through the stems and the morning sun warming plants beyond shivering in this stubborn spring. It looks and ( to me) feels good

To give the hedge a treat I have given a good dose of Maxicrop to the roots - using this as it is a darn sight easier getting in in compared with forking in something dry. I also think is a good product?

Interestingly I did exactly the same when reinstating a garden gate post that has been missing for years. I had to trim the hedge back quite drastically (October) but having fed with Maxicrop, the current situation is pretty impressive - loads of side shoots beginning to appear from ground level upwards.

I could ( with the right enthusiasm) work my way along yet again, and fork in a solid fertiliser but I do have other jobs to do..

If folk feel I should revisit and add ? I will do so, as a belt and braces approach

I have just noticed the typo in the title..


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 86,989

    Hi Robin image

    I'm sure Maxicrop has given it a boost, along with the fresh air and sunlight coupled with the fact that spring has really sprung now and hedges all over the place have new buds bursting image

    I would also feed the hedge with Fish, Blood and Bone which is a slow release fertiliser so will continue to feed the hedge all summer - but give yourself a break, do it in a few weeks' time. 

    I would scatter it alongside the hedge and top off with a mulch of some well-rotted manure or leafmould or similar. 

    No need to fork in - the rain will do the job for you - we're bound to get plenty of that image



    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

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