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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Derbyshire but with a Nottinghamshire postcode. Posts: 16,359

    I netted the brassicas to keep the pigeons off, but the butterflies wiggle through the netting.  Next year I think I am going to make some moveable cages out of enviromesh

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    I netted the brassica's, but didn't just get butteflies under the netting, those that couldn't get under it laid their eggs on the flowers, there isn't one sunflower leaf without holes in. At least if they just go for brassica's I know where all the eggs are image

  • So ive spent some more time and im ready to start improving soil have ordered 1800 litres of manure and topsoil also  what is the best way to use this ? Simply spread and dig it in and if so how deep

  • MrsGardenMrsGarden Posts: 3,951

    As I don't grow veg I can't help but just wanted to say that I love your enthusiasm, the way you question and act upon advice and wish you great enjoyment in your garden. The kids will learn so much from knowing their veg comes from their own garden.

  • Yea im really excited to get it all ready I guess having never done any gardening ive got a lot to learn im only 28 so plenty of time 

  • GillyLGillyL Posts: 1,077

    Welcome,you will l fit right into this forum,most of us are only 27.image

  • Michael please remember It's not a race enjoy your self first


    you could dd part of your plot/garden and then finish the rest when you have some crop growing BUT ENJOY your self.

    look at the old timers for help most will be willing to give advice can I say (showing off what they know) 

    is their any chance of a photo you could also start a blog


  • Please see the top of the thread for before and after pics of the initial clear 

  • sorry didn't see the link



  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 47,840


    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

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