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Organic fertiliser

AlxNicAlxNic Posts: 259

I am planning to use Fish Blood & Bone this year. Can I use it on camellias,rhodo, hydrangeas?

In the past I have used seaweed - and try to dig in decent compost.



  • AlxNicAlxNic Posts: 259

    Thanks Verdun

    I have found sulphur chips online. Are they different from the packets of sulphur that you get in garden centres (found in the same place as FBB, Epsom etc), Pine bark chips look harder to find.

    Any brand recommendations for the liquid ericaceous? Should I be feeding the rhodos now? They are just coming into flower.

  • AlxNicAlxNic Posts: 259

    Thank you - I will wait to fertilise and also buy some sulphur (I will read directions on the packet) 

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