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Top heavy Aloe Vera

Hi, I have a 7 y/o aloe vera plant in a 8 inch pot, which, whilst very healthy is very top heavy.

I would like to cut it right back and re-pot it but I'm not sure just how far I can safely do it.


Any help is appreciated, thanks


  • RainbowfishRainbowfish Posts: 276

    Mine are always trying to escape sometimes knocking themselves off the windowsill. I have cut them back successfully but you have to do the opposite to what you would do to other plants and remove the bottom rather than the top. Starting a new plant from a pup is easier and they do grow quickly.

    I remove the plant from the pot & remove as much soil as I can from the roots, then I cut the top of the plant so there is a good crown of leaves and 2-3 inches of spare. I then cut off the spare leaves to leave a stalk  and leave the cuts to dry out for a day. Then I pot up the crown with the stalk bit in barely damp, free draining compost. Water sparingly for a couple of months. It should send out new roots looking for water.

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