I have a holiday home in France and it was derelict and is still under renovation. The garden is enormous and we haven't got round to it yet.  Every time we visit my husband has to spend a full day with his industrial strimmer as the weeds are always taller than us and prolific.  We have tried numerous weed killers but nothing works.  Once we have our garden planted I am worried that the weeds will take over in our absence - can any recommend a very very good weed killer that works! please image


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    Could you not pay someone to maintain it on a very simple basis?

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    We had the same problem when we owned a small cottage in France with 3000 m2. We found that we spent all our holidays just working on the house abd trying to keep the land under control, bit of a busmans holiday! After 5 years we sold it again.

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    Resolva's the only weedkiller I ever use because it works quickly. I was thinking the same as wb though. Especially if there are neighbouring properties whose owners might be getting an invasion of weeds from your garden!

  • Thanks for your replies.  Won't be selling it as retiring there soon.  There aren't any neighbours that could do it, or that we encroach on, its in the middle of an agricultural village at the dead end of a lane surrounded by fields of cows.  Farmers just too busy to do it and no one else of a suitable age to do any weeding.  Have to try to Resolva although the garden is that big we would probably need a 45gallon drum of it!

  • Maybe, with you not being there often yet, your best bet would be to clear an area at a time and cover it with thick plastic or tarpaulins until the weeds die completely because of the total lack of light. Given the size of the garden you'd probably have to take it in stages and it would be pretty unslightly at first, I grant you, but if you did it before you move there permanently you would later have the benefit of having eradicated the problem right down to the roots.

  • First class suggeston, Macavity! Julie could start from scratch with the garden, then, and design it in the way she likes. Have a wonderfrul retirement, Julie!

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