Do you think it's a good Idea to start a blog of my garden starting On monday.

Showing my garden with photos and plans of projects I aim to take 2013/2014


what do you think






  • archiepemarchiepem Posts: 1,156

    yes image

  • Great idea if you have the time.... I used to do a blog b4 lo was born no time now!!

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,255

    something I've often thought about doing.might happen one day. good idea 

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 2,935

    Good planimage

  • I'd like to read it image

  • Me too!

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,255

    Time to get on with it then CG, we're waiting

  • Hello To all

    I would first like to say “thank you” for all the support and encouragement on Starting this Blog

    Within this post I hope to fill it with my Ideas’, hope’s, projects, accomplishment and of course failure because if we don’t fail we will never learn.


    I was taking to one of my neighbours on Saturday about my garden well we were having a cuppa when he comments about the amount of time I’ve spent in my garden this year when I replied it’s all down to my “new pacemaker” this was fitted in late June . I’ve been quite ill over the past 3 to 4 years and only really maintained the grass with a few plant pots.


    Ok here is the plan for my garden

    Finish clearing the ivy that has over grown, over the years quite basically taken over the bottom left part of my garden and next doors garage roof and my boundary.



    Once this has been cleared I intend to also cut back the shrubs that grow in front of the ivy where this as also over grown however the species eludes me all I can say that it’s over grown and needs to be cut back hard!! (I will include a photo of this shrub/small tree). After the shrubs and Ivy have been cleared I intend to add my green house in front of the wooden fence, this also needs repairing and painting before the greenhouse goes up also to the left of the green house I have a three sided enclosed space where all I can think of using this area for is storage of overwintered plant pot nurture the holly bush and adding a water butt to the conservatory down pipe.



     Image says June but this should say 1st of August sorry



    In progress is a new step. This is required for two reasons one my dog kicks it everywhere and I have a friend that struggles with the big step down.


    Also to the back garden is a fence to finish with the hope that it will stop the dogs running everywhere and on everything. I plan to finish this fence this month with a compost area and fence to paint that’s all I plan to do this year to the rear of the garden.

    Front garden I plan to clear as much of the tree’s away, so I can make raised beds for a veggie garden 



  • Wow! That's quite a project CG.  We have lots of ivy too, but I don't want

    to remove all of it, as it's the type of ivy that bears yellow flowers in the summer

    (which red admirals love) and the blackbirds feed on the clusters of black berries

    which replace the yellow flowers in the Autumn - it keeps them going most of  

    the winter months so they love it - they also nest in it regularly.  On the other

    hand, ivy is quite difficult to control isn't it!

    Be careful when pulling it off anything as, over time, the ivy makes a lot of

    dust which wouldn't be good for you to breathe in  (especially if you have any

    kind of allergy).  I do hope everything goes well for you and look forward to

    reading your next blog.  Love your dogs by the way!  We have a golden

    retriever who likes digging holes all over the place - great fun!









  • I have five dogs and they claim everything in the garden by cocking there legs. anything thats new. also anything thats upright from a spade to a bag of compost thats just been set down to be used. The springer even has a worry spot where you often see him with a toy well just his bum sticking out from a bush LOL

    I'm hoping this will change when the fence is finished.

    but I wouldn't be without them


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