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hi,whats the best things to compost,can i put anything thing in,or should i put certain stuff,together,bit unsure.any ideas,peeps.


  • Steve 309Steve 309 Posts: 2,753

    Inevitably, if you have a lawn, grass cuttings form the bulk of it. That's fine but as with other soft green stuff (see above) it will heat up quickly and then go slimy and horrible on its own.  Mix in newspaper, cardboard, a few dead leaves and you improve it greatly.  Uncooked veg waste from the kitchen too, herbivore manure if you can get it and beer that's been processed by a human body are all good.  Mix well, make sure it's moist (but not soggy) and cover it to keep the heat in and most of the rain out.

  • thanks guys.

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