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Sedum green roof

Hi everyone,

At some point, once we've managed to lay our patio, we'll be building a shed/workshop. My partner reckons the pent roof is going to be about 20 square metres of area, possibly with a couple of skylight type windows. We'd really like to have a green roof on there and it seems sedum roofs are the most popular and the lightest type of plant to have on there. However it is so expensive to buy the blanket - £21 per metre squared is the lowest price I've found so far and that's not from my preferred shop. Then you've got the cost of all of the layers that go under the blanket, plus the edging to the roof etc.

I wondered if this is something anyone else has done and whether there are ways to save cost? I've found on Wiggly Wigglers they do a tray of wildflower plug plants for roofs that apparently cover an area of 20 square metres for £46. Although initially I thought it'd be great to have wildflowers I can imagine this might be trickier to install and maintain than a sedum blanket would be. I know I could then look in to buying sedum plug plants from somewhere but again I'm unsure whether this is a more risky set up than using the blanket.

Thanks for any help and advice,

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  • LucidLucid Posts: 385
    Thanks philippa smith2. Yes I had attempted to search and didn't find very much recently that covered the potential expense or the best approach - blanket versus plugs etc.

    We felt that as we're making the shed from scratch we'd be able to ensure it could support the weight properly. They look lovely, just seems very expensive.

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  • royd63kroyd63k Posts: 63

    i suppose the difference is the blanket will be completely covered with plants, whereas the plugs will leave gaps until they grow together.

    Could you do a mixture of both?


  • LucidLucid Posts: 385

    Thanks for your reply Roy. Yes I agree that the blankets do look much better, but considering we opted to sow grass seed instead of laying turf for our lawn I don't think we can justify that kind of cost. 

    Fortunately we're not anywhere near building the shed yet so have plenty of time to research for some cheaper methods.

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