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cold frame/mini greenhouse

just thinking that i have my sunflowers that are a bit leggy and now loads of acer seedlings just at early stages.

these also are bending to the light and will likely get leggy, they are in garage at window in my 4 shelf greenhouse.  the afternoon sun sets on this window.  gets quite warm then.  the sunflowers im moving outside as often as possible for more light and wind if they are up for it.  very windy most places in garden.

so maybe i should move the mini greenhouse outside and they can get more light


my problem is, when i used this 4 shelf mini greenhouse years ago it just basically burns anything in it, even with the door unzipped.  and if the door was unzipped it would likely be too much wind for my seedlings


shall i try again with this greenhouse or try another method




  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,149

    Maybe a cold frame would be a better bet.

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Put some fleece over it bonsai and put it outside. Fleece will act as shading.

  • Bonsai-MarcBonsai-Marc Posts: 444
    Catch 22 needs the sun not shade
  • Bonsai-MarcBonsai-Marc Posts: 444

    yea, its not really feasible when out for 12hrs a day


    ill have to work best i can with what i have

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