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Plant ID please

AlxNicAlxNic Posts: 259

I have a carpet of these in my garden . The closest I can come to a name is Shepherds's Purse. Can anyone confirm - or give the correct name, please?

Grows as a rosette, tiny at first then eventually saucer size with small white flowers at the end of a long stem

Thanks a lot








  • MarygoldMarygold Posts: 331

    Looks like bitter cress to me. Try and get it all out ASAP before they set seed.

  • Jasmine5Jasmine5 Posts: 42

    Yes, agree it's bittercress.  Def a weed but quite easy to pull up. They do have a cute white flower but agree  with Marygold, 'pull em up'!  Quite often get these 'free' when buying plants from garden centres!!

  • AlxNicAlxNic Posts: 259

    Marygold, you are right. Now that I have the correct name, I have found pictures and can tell that's what they are. Since last autumn they are everywhere. I have spent several hours today weeding them out. Those and the oxalis. 

    I have just found this information

    Barely noticeable white flowers on short stems give way to explosive seed heads – and here lies your problem: as you pull up the tiny plants you inevitably disperse the seed, which will then germinate, flower and in turn set seed at any time of the year (especially during a mild, damp autumn).

    So it looks like dedicated weeding, followed by regular hoeing

    Thank you putting me on the right track

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