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Potted Balcony Plants

Hi there,

Please can somebody (anybody)! give me any advice on the best plants to grow on balconies.  I live on the fifth floor block of flats near river thames , it's a side balcony if that makes a difference? Last year I potted perrenials in the hope they would grow back.  Much to my dismay I do not seem to be seeing any new shoots on any of them. The balcony can be  quite windy and shaded at times.  I would love to hear from anyone in same situiation or with any advice at all.

Many thanks


  • Flower birdFlower bird Posts: 284

    I have annuals on my balcony flowerbomb. in the summer I have zonal geraniums which do very well. In the winter I give it a break, but I do have primroses and cyclamen in pots early spring. 

    They seem to do ok and it can get quite windy up here at times. The sun is on them all until about 1pm and then they slowly go into the shade.

    i did try perennials but they didnt do very well. I also use trailing geranium and trailing petunia in wall attached baskets. 


  • Thanks Barbara, that is really helpful.  I have only ever bought perrenials in the past so it didn't cross my mind to get annuals.. I can't help feeling disappointed, I miss my garden but that's life.  Thanks again image

  • Flower birdFlower bird Posts: 284

    Its amazing what you can do with a balcony garden.  I had a hanging basket with strawberries in, my neighbour has grown runner beans,...we even won a gardening competition up here with our Landlord. 

    But the geraniums and Petunias are the stars of the show.

    in my flat I now have alittle orchid collection and loads of house plants. 

    I love it.


    ps. You could try pansies is some pots too and see how they go.


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     This is a bucket (i put holes in it), primroses and Orange Blossom Tree..hahaha..

    not sure how the tree will go because I cant really let it grow more than one metre. May have to give it to a friend, but will wait and see..!!!

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