Quick Onion Question

I planted a few onion sets last week - they've hardly started (almost drowned) - should I cover them from a forecast frost tonight or are they fairly hardy?



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    Ive never covered onions and they have always been fine image

  • That's what I thought but gardener's panic has almost set in LOL

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    hi road apple stew I would leave them to them selves a frost or snow will not harm them I often put winter onions in oct/nov they still come  ..  I am one of the breed that puts my onions in weed membrane make a small hole for shoots and wait for them to grow  I have 750 in now all with good shoots

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    I did cover my young runner beans, peas and cauliflowers, started them off indoors and now they are in the ground. I've just been out and took the fleece off them and collected the errant slugs that have managed to avoid nematodes, copper wire and slug pellets! Grrr. My onions have green shoots too, not sure I have 750 though image

  • I'll start by saying I'm no expert (its the first time we've tried growing onions from sets) but I think a week is probably too soon to see anything. We planted our sets on 28th March, as of last weekend there was no sign of anything, but I noticed last night that they've put on a bit of a spurt and now have 3cm shoots (one of my jobs for today is to pop up to the allotment to take the netting off).

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    Start my onion sets in the glasshouse in 24 cells in early March, they go away well, planted outside a week ago shoots looking good, birds don't touch them.

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    hi Claire   I had thought I had posted a reply to your comment I keep 5 familys and a couple pensioners  in vedge so  shared out for a full year  it is not a lot   

  • Thanks for all your replies - they seem fine but I did give them a hot water bottle and rubbed a bit of Vick into their chests before bed 

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    Hi Michael, I think that's great! Well done you image

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