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Houses with lots of land



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    @Skandi - Yes I definitely agree. The 1-2 acres was definitely a dream and would have been mostly to fill the space for wildlife friendly ideas, as well as growing food etc.

    @Nanny Beach - Yes we're definitely caught in the excess prices of the South. By build we meant to have it built for us from scratch, although my partner is in to the idea of building log cabins etc and his absolute dream would be a log cabin the woods. But it's all quite complicated with planning permission again - and cost! 

    @musmanali2020 - That sounds like it would be lovely. You never know, you might get it one day!  :)

    @Hazel -1 - Was your post meant for this thread?  :)
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    A friend of mine bought a house near sizewell power didn't worry her at all, and if anything she preferred to be among those who went quickly if there was a major disaster.  And the house, which is lovely, was significantly cheaper than ones further away.

    So there are still places that are less expensive than other similar ones if you look.  Think hard about what are your "must haves" and see where you can find a compromise. 
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    @musmanali2020 - That sounds like it would be lovely. You never know, you might get it one day!  :)
    Thank you sir. Yeah I am working hard. One day i will get one house where i can fulfill my dreams.
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    Look at church of england/scotland websites and other denominations for properties for sale... plenty manse houses and various halls etc with big bits of land and rock bottom prices, but they do need virtually rebuilt in many cases!
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    May I just add a word of caution here?  As you know our house with an acre of garden is up for sale. We have had a lot of interest from the Escape to the Country viewers type of people. Great, except that most of them do not realise just how much time needs to be spent out in the garden if it is going to be a success. Most time is spent growing vegetables. On top of that there is the time spent preparing comestibles for storage, ie freezing, pickling, jam making, drying etc. Both partners have to be keen and one at least has to be a stay at home. Our immediate neighbours have found this out. He does not like gardening so she has tried to do it by herself. Now they have given up on veg and grassed the rest of the area. There are not enough hours in the day to work full time, drive home, eat and garden. Sorry.
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    Berghill I have often been tempted to say exactly this.  We bought this place a mess, three previous owners had tried and failed because they would not spend the initial costs and effort required to maintain a large garden.
    we both work most days in the garden. Autumn harvesting is one of the busiest times Holidays during the growing season are a thing of the past!

    Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them.”
    A A Milne
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    Watch out for "chancel repair liability" if buying from " the church" 
  • Richard168Richard168 Posts: 115
    It's not just buying from the church, when we bought here in Cornwall we ended up buying chancel insurance.

    With regard to having more land than time. I work in London three days during the week and I have 2.5 acres. My approach is to keep most of it low maintenance which means grass and fruit trees, chickens and alpaca's. I have built three raised beds, a fruit cage, greenhouse and soon a polytunnnel. Do I get most out of the land, no. Do I get more crops than I can handle, yes.

    more to the point when I retire in 10 years I can spend more time in the garden and there will be p,entry still to do.
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    @Richard168, when we bought our Devon house we had to get a certificate from our solicitor to guarantee no chancel liability on this property.
    Don't think because you're buying from " the church" they'll waive your liability, they'll be down on you with the full force of the law.
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