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Talkback: Nectaroscordum of the gods

the Malvern Spring Show every year I wish I could go but hay! ho! going to miss it again. naver mind, I'll watch it on the TV again, I hope. glad your garden is doing fine.


  • Hi I wonder if anyone can help me - I have a pampas grass and would like some advice on how to get rid of it as I have found out that I'm allergic to it
  • I do love your photographs! thank you for taking and sharing them all
  • Carolyn - i had the same trouble some years ago. People used to burn the middle of the plant but it still regenerates so I got rid of mine by cutting it down hard and putting glyphosate solution on the new shoots, then digging it out piece by piece. It was hard. I love alliums, and have many. One of the easiest and fragrant and flowering now is Allium Neapolitanum. Allium triquetrum has naturalised and not to be recommended unless you have acres of room away from common ground. Leaving leeks to seed gives you glorious big blue heads and free leeks the following year. The yellow alliums are favourites of mine as well and all alliums keep aphids away from rose bushes.
  • Help & advice please....4 years ago I planted 2 lilac bushes in different parts of my garden, for 2 years I had a lovely display from both and they appeared to be flourishing, but last year on both bushes part did'nt produce foliage, during the late Autumn I trim back the "dead" section, this year both appear to have died. Both, although a good distance away from, but are situated directly underneath the canopy of huge Yew trees, could these have contributed to my poor lilacs demise.
  • hi wonder if anyone can help i have a house plant but dont know what it is it has leaves like a dandilion and the flower like a daisy please help.
  • Can anyone help?
    I have a very large flowering cherry tree in our garden (moved in three years ago) and it has blossomed fantastically. However, it was in bud and just about to go when the whole thing came to a full stop. The buds didn't open and there are no leaves. It happened in a couple of days, but we didn't have any freak weather. Anyone any ideas?
  • alliums looking great planted in soil i planted some in pots not to good
  • does anyone else feel as strongly about sky tv's drop of the gardening channel as of May 18.are they so out of touch no coverage of Chelsea but whot is worse is that this was a great sourse of imformatin.equaly a way of helping our children gain a better understanding if so write to sky customer relations
  • Just as we're being encouraged by the Dig In campaign to grow our own veg, Sky decide to take off the UKTV garden channel and dilute it into the new channel 'Really'. Apart from being the most inappropriate name, it's bad timing makes you wonder whether those who make these decisions actually want to see it fail. We used to love Saturday mornings watching UKTV gardens and planning the rest of our weekend, having been inspired by them. Well done Sky (not)....
  • I have 2 nectaroscordum siculum and they have been lovely for the last 2 years the bees can't wait for them to open and they last for ages but I have no luck growing allium I have the purple ball ones but the heads just wither at the neck and drop over.
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