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Heather and hyacinth help.

Hi so I have got two problem plants at the moment that I could do with some help with.

I bought some plug plant heathers and they were all fine and healthy. I planted them together into a bigger pot and left on the outside windowsill. They get sunlight in the later afternoon/evening where they are and I have been watering them enough. The problem is they seem to be all dying now. Can anyone suggest anything to help them? Also is it better to grow them from seed and plant outside than buy plug plants?

The second problem is my hyacinth though it may just be dying down now. It was given to me by a friend as a rescue he found on the pavement as a bulb. It flowered ok earlier and grew bigger leaves. Now though it seems to be dying? I have it indoors in the kitchen where it gets sunlight in the late afternoon/evening time. If it is dying down should I leave the bulb in the pot or remove and plant when it comes out of dormancy again?







  • Did you pot up the heather using ericaceous compost? They like acidic conditions?

    Hyacinths do die back after flowering but I only gained mine as my daughter brought it home from school in half a water bottle and I don't know what to do either so will await other replies.
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