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  • My husband and I have today brought a wisteria that is approx 3 meters high from the RHS Spring Show at Malvern. We want it to grow up the wall of our house which is south facing how do we start to plant and train it please?
  • We moved into our house 2 years ago and have a beautiful very old established wisteria growing over the whole back wall and balcony. However this year we want to complete a kitchen extension and whilst we can save the area that trunk of the wisteria is in, we will need to dig out a deep area next to it, which I suspect will be a large portion of its roots. Any recommendations at how we could save it or things we could do before work starts? It's so beautiful I would like not to damage it if at all possible. Thanks.
  • I have had a wisteria in a pot for about
    5 years and this is the first year it flowered I was hoping it would be a standard but the head was too heavy the trunk is so flexible it bent over almost in half I have had to support the trunk with a stout stake and push the pot up to a trellis to take some of the weight.
  • I am about to buy a Wisteria plant, they are so beautiful, but people have been worrying me by saying they are very difficult,,, any advise please,,, anything at all!
  • Could you please give more information regarding the new problem regarding bugs and Wisteria which was referred to in the Times this week.
    I have seen several large dark brown bugs around my garden and wonder whether they are the same ones that reputedly are posing problems to wisteria.
  • I think I have lost my wisteria. It showed promise at the start of the year with lots of buds, but they didn't come to anything. Last year it was full of foliage, but no flowers. My garden is clay clay and more clay, and to make matters worse is a newbuild. (3 years) I have also lot my ceoanthus standard, which was growing nearby and after digging that up found the soil to be waterlogged. My garden is on a slope, but this problem area is at the top. I dug up the wisteria today and much of the root ball appears to have rotted, but the ground isn't full of water like the ceoanthus. Is there anyway to salvage it? The stems aren't brittle, but I don't know how to tell if the wood is dead.
    My garden is north facing, but it was planted right at the top which gets a fair bit of sun.
    Any pointers, greatly appreciated.
  • Kyle:
    My husband and I bought a house last year. We are not experienced gardeners and therefore have the urge to cut back anything that look overgrown and gangly.

    Growing on our side gate is a huge (very very big) tangle of Wisteria vines. Last year my new neighbor told me not to cut it back until I saw it bloom so I would have an idea of what type of plant it was.

    When if bloomed it was GORGEOUS! Blooms everywhere! But the vines are so tangled and so overgrown I want to cut them back drastically.

    It is early February, weather has been in the 70s and the vines are already showing signs of buds everywhere. Is it too late to prune it back?

    Should I wait until late July or August? Or wait even longer until next Winter?

    I do not want to ruin this magnificent vine!
  • i have just brought a wisteria. How long before it will flower
  • My 12ish year old wisteria appears to have died. It was healthy last year. Pruned in winter, west facing in a sheltered spot. Why has it died?
  • My 50 year old wisteria tree has healthy green leaves falling off for the past two days. About 60% of the leaves have dropped and I can't understand why!! PLEASE, please can you give me an idea of what to do and WHY this is happening?
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