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Talkback: Pruning wisteria

We started wisteria growing up a post to the top of our pergola and it is just now reaching the canopy to start spreading. I haven't pruned it at all because I don't want branching below the canopy. This should work, shouldn't it? (Might take longer to get lots of blooms, I realize.)


  • I'm interested in growing a wisteria in a large pot. Please can you tell me how large a container your wisteria is in, and how tall it is? Thanks
  • Kylee - I have two rather small potted wisteria that I too would like to grow over my pergola, how large were yours? Mine hardly seem to have grown at all over the last year. At this rate reaching the canopy will take 10 years!
  • I have recently planted a wisteria in my garden, it is only about a metre high how high should it grow before I need to prune it.
  • Reply to chillipasta:
    Pruning and training depends on how you want to grow your wisteria. Most people want to train a wisteria to cover a wall or pergola, so you need to train the main leading shoot in the desired direction. As side shoots develop these can be tied in to produce more of the main framework. Future summer and winter pruning aims to shorten side shoots developing from these main stems of the framework, encouraging flower buds to form at the base of every sideshoot. Just picture a long horizontal stem trained along the wall of your house with flowers cascading down from in at regular intervals along the entire length.
  • i have a visteria that has been growing for about 15 years although i get plenty of foliage the most flowers are about six a year . i prune it about twice a year . its growing in the groundand is very healthy ,any help to get more flowers , i would be most grateful
  • I'm growing wisteria Caroline over a dead tree which I use to hang my bird feeders on. It is three years old and has flowered for the first time this year. The only problem is that I lost a large stem full of flowers when it split where it had twisted tightly around a branch. Will this happen again and what can I do to stop it? Help!
  • planted a wisteria in ground soil a bit sand stone. about two years ago not had one flower on it plenty of leaves very disappointed help !!
  • Our wisteria, which covers the front of our house, is pruned once a year. It flowers profusely. Pruning twice a year is *not* essential, unless you are guided by book learning rather than experience.
  • I have a young American Wisteria (shorter blooms and less vigorous plant but no wait for blooms - typically American - instant gratification! :0)). Anyway, what I've found as I am getting to know the plant and how to prune it, is that last year's leader shoot tends to get frosted at the tip over winter. This makes the old leader become a side shoot to a more vigorous secondary side shoot coming off it in Spring that takes over as the leader. Does this make sense? Where two leaders contend, I take the most vigorous and chop the other at about 6-10 nodes to curb it and concentrate on the other one. Later I'll curb the shortened one again to about 3-6 buds. Only tried this about 3 times so far though so might change as I get to know more.
  • My lovely Wisteria has died, was smashed last year by a branch falling from a tree on the railway bank, didn't survive the battering, very sad about poor bee's will have to take pot luck the apple tree is too high to fleece.
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