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Clay lawn

DogmodDogmod Posts: 2

Good evening all.

Now I know that this winter has been exceptionally wet, but once again I can't get anywhere near my lawn without mud squelching up over the top of my shoes!

The garden is clay, and it would appear lots of it too! Today I've dug down 50cm's, everything removed is clay, I filled the hole with water to see if any drained, it didn't!

The previous 2 summers I've lived with it, spread compost and seeded, fed the lawn and generally the lawn was usable during the summer months.

I've spent hours researching the internet for solutions, and I'm willing to try them, but don't want to chuck good money after bad. 1 suggestions was to hire an auger borer, make a load of holes and fill them with stones, but as my test hole today would suggest, this won't make any difference!

My garden is surrounded on all sides by neighboring gardens, so I can't divert it beyond my boundry.

Can anybody suggest a tried and tested solution, or am I stuck as I am?





  • Lou12Lou12 Posts: 1,149

    Some of my lawn is like that since I've lived here and in my last house. To be honest it's unworkable in winter and it's best to keep off it.

    I'm putting in a sturdy path this year so at least I can get to the summerhouse in winter. It used to be much worse and flooded every year so we got the water board out and it turned out the drains weren't adequate and were compounding the clay problem.

    They put in a special storm drain to prevent flooding and since then we've had just normal wet clay not a swimming pool.

    It was free by the way. might be worth asking. Even a clay lawn shouldn't be that wet.

  • DogmodDogmod Posts: 2

    Thanks, I'll give that a try, 

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