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  • Hi, Green fingers! Don't know why someone would put banana skins on someone else's plot rather than their own. Banana skins add potash, and are good for things like roses and tomatoes. Don't know how you would find the person responsible, short of CCTV, but s/he might have done you a favour!
  • Love the new show think love watching it's fresh and exciting...think that a children's show would be a really good idea. On that note I'm wondering if you could offer some advice. I'm looking to try and convert some large raised beds that are in our local primary school playground and full of ideas are to try and incorporate sensory planting for the children...such as lavender, rosemary, lambs ear etc...Plus lots of use of colour. The school are currently in the process of developing an area for a number of raised beds for fruit/ I don't want to incorporate fruit/veg in the other raised bed areas. (The depth of the raised beds are approx 1.5 metres)

    Does anyone have any ideas for child friendly plants that could be utilised within these raised beds?

    Warm wishes Ellie ;-)
  • Whats hot:To see the new garden taking shape,Joes allotment,Alys bits and selfcontrol when Toby is patronizing.

    Whats not so hot:To little from Joes allotment ,to little of Carol(so much prefered her role last year),the naff name greenacres,and of course at the end whats hot or not,who cares,we do as we like anyway
  • Ps:Still tv highlight of the week though.Why havent BBC made a sitcom/soap from a allotment yet.The 2 min from Charlies allotment in eastenders does not really count for much:-)
  • We are very disappointed with the new show format. Find all of the presenters apart from Carol dislikable. We stopped watching the show after the recommendation for baked bean can flowers pots and when we realised 'what's hot what's not' was a permanent fixture. It's supposed to be Gardners World so surely should be aimed at Gardeners? Content is far too simplistic.
  • amen. I started on my allotment 7 weeks ago and was told by the veterans that I was too late to plant anything!!. In May are they having a laugh with me and trying to play a trick on the new boy. I planted around 30 different crops and as far as im concerned there all doing great. Who says there late as far as I can see there not late there just sown at a different time to most other peoples.
  • Why does the new Gardener's World programme seem to be aimed at kids with very little to help the garden enthusiast. We were so pleased to hear Tony Tobin would run it but are no longer interested if this is all the programme has to offer. No heaven forbid Alan Titmarsh should return but at least let us follow Joe Swift's allotment with advice for those wanting to grow veggies. The 'what's hot and what's not' wants binning. Let Carol Klein do what she does best and encourage us not show her teaching her students.
    We are deeply disappointed.
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