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  • I like the new GW although Toby can come across as a bit patronizing. Alys is nice and has a natural manner when talking to camera. As a gardener i like nothing better then seeing something come together from scratch so I'm enjoying watching the new garden take shape. As far as kids are concerned , they should be encouraged to learn about gardening and vegetable cultivation as well as wildlife and their place in the balance of nature. Kids need to understand where their food comes from, and about seasonality, something which has been sadly lost with the advent of frozen dinners and mass importation. They should be included in the program.
  • I thoroughly enjoy the new gardenersworld format, and toby buckland is very inspirational and natural, with an easygoing nature. I totally agree with most comments, that the shed format is very unnecessary, and not very interesting. Better as has been said to incorporate any comments and ideas whilst outside digging or potting on. Apart from that the show is really well presented and I look forward to many more episodes as to the development and eventual finish of a very interesting site. Thank you guys for a really great show which is always looked forward to every week.
  • As a 14 year old i totally agree with you when you say about kids being taught about gardening and where there food comes from but the thing that annoys me is that some parents or grandparents sometimes pressure a child into gardening (because they get so much enjoyment out of it) Whereas if you let there fasination occur naturally such as myself then they get much more satisfaction out of it and a more enjoyable experience and i absolutely hate the whats hot and whats not wall.
  • Good show

    Ignore the moaners they'll never be pleased so don't waste you energies on them....(-:
  • i agree about the less positive comments on the new format gardners world - we call the new presenter `T for Toby' in our house as he seems to fit more to children's TV than this. Not fussed on Alys presenting either - sorry! I miss Monty so much, so anybody would have taken a bit of getting used to, just not fussed on the current choice. Carol and Joe are doing a good job though!
  • Am I one of the moaners lol ?
  • Hey, I too am 14 years old and totally aggree with Calz.
  • Lol cool (Y) =]
  • Changing the subject - does anyone know why someone would put banana skins on someone else's allotment? It is being done on a regular basis, always on the patch that is being cultivated next. Is there something sinister about this and what should I do to find the person responsible?! Sensible suggestions please.
  • I grew some garlic in the autum and the leaves have started to go brown but when i checked the bulbs they were like sping onions. can anyone tell me where I have gone wrong. They are still in the ground. will they ever grow bigger than that.
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