To scarify or not and what are these?...

Hi all, new to this forum. I have the following questions, hope you can help... 1. I don't believe I have a thatch/moss problem (not certain), is it still necessary to scarify even when the grass looks healthy? 2. I do have random sprouts of non-grass, potentially weeds? If someone could look at the below two photos and confirm what they are please? Many thanks.


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    All I can get is "This share link is unavailable".

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    Having a good go over with a tined rake is a good thing in spring.

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    The second one is white clover, is the first one the same? I can't get in there

  • Same here pansyface - and I've copied and pasted the whole sequence image

  • Hi all, thanks for the responses so far and apologies for the images not working for some.

    Please find below a re-post of the images:




     to re-iterate and also expand the questions i have...


    1. Is it necessary to scarify even when there is no visibile thatch/moss (do the attached photos of clover mean i need to scarify?) darren636 thank you for your reply, i understand this as it is generally good practice anyway?


    2. once i scarify what's best to put down on the grass in terms of seed / nutrition?


    3. shaded areas of my lawn are currently quite bare but if i use seeds suitable for shaded areas and then different seeds for the rest of the lawn would this be significantly visible or should i use the "suitable for shaded" seeds for the whole lawn?


    many thanks.


  • I think the first pic is self heal with a daisy flower bud coming through image

    Sorry EnjoytheSun - I can't help with lawn care image

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    I think the first is mostly daisy. Essential component of a lawn, along with the clover, selfheal and all the restimage 

    These are the ones, especially the clover, that keep my lawn green in summer, the grass is brown


  • Thank you both, I'd not heard of self-heal or realised the value in them and daisy on the lawn.
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