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Camellia Princess Bachiottii

CiaCia Posts: 153


I have just potted my first Camellia in pot of ericaceous soil as my gardens soil is very alkaline

I was most delighted when it gave me a pleasant surprise by displaying not one but two beautiful crimson flowers and to the side was also a pink flower - this is all very new to me. Will this mutation continue?

My question is - how does one care for a shrub in a pot as i dont want to inhibit it but at the same time it will need to be pruned so as it dosnt get out of control.

Thank you.


  • CiaCia Posts: 153

    Hello Verdun and thank you for your response.

    The MPC i used is especially for Camellias as advised by the nursery i bought it from - cant recall the brand - i will check when i go back in to the shed.

    Pruning tips - thank you.

    Pot size - mm - may re pot it, as you say it likes a big pot. Also how about if place stones on the soil to keep in moisture - i never let my pots dry out - heaven forbid i would kick myself lol  I will move it down the garden for some shade in the next month or so as its heats up.

    Thank you

  • CiaCia Posts: 153

    It was levingtons soil i used. The pot i planted it in was one up from its original pot. For now i will let it settle and as it seems to be very happy at this moment in time. I think for this year i will leave it and just mulch with lime free compost/gravel.

    Thank you once again and i appreciate your expert input.image

  • CiaCia Posts: 153

    Thank you.

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