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  • Ones I had were from my sisters pond,she gave me 20 that was in June last year,only saw 2 of um with legs,others stayed in tadpole state,never really grew,probably not enough food for them,they were'nt interested in the mozzi larvae,or the boiled lettuce i put in image any ways don't know what happened to the 2 little froglets maybe they hopped off,or got ate by birds,or died! As for the tadpoles I saw 2 in March come up for air then they darted back down,I moved a lot of algae out of pond,and the water had turned green,because the pond is in quit a sunny spot.I saw no tadpoles so decided to clear all the water out,and the 2 plants I had and rocks a few days ago,and decided to give it another try,It's been a faliure twice now and if it dont work this time Im giving up!image Any way good luck with your tads,hope you have better luck than I have!

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    Tadpoles sometimes stay as tadpoles over winter, spending the cold weather in the sludge at the bottom of the pond, then continue to metamorphose the following year


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  • Thanks for the article a good read image


  • I've put my 2 plants I had back into the pond after only  2-3 days of the tap water being in,have I made a bad mistake?image I am buying some more plants next week,so if they dont survive then the new should be ok,hopefully!

  • darren636darren636 Posts: 666
    Plants should be fine,

    The biofilm that grows on the surface of plants will be disrupted though, but it'll return in a week
  • Wondering if i should use a solar air stone/fountain to help give oxygen and also help keep algae at bay and mozzi's ,what do you think,maybe just leave it see what happens?My pond is in quit a sunny spot,so don't want it to over heat,though I have added 2 oxygenating plants and a marginal will they be enough?wanted a floating plant but the garden centre/pond shop only had lilies which are way to big,the Frogbit dosnt come out till next month the man said!

  • My little planter pond is coming on lovely,plants growing,and my sister gave me some tadpoles from her pond,about 30 of um,they've been in  week tomorrow. I have a little solar fountain that sits on a rock in the middle of the pond,it looks and sounds lovely and the water looks pretty clean,but problem is it's started getting a few hours of sun today and I have noticed the water seems to have gone down in the pond,I dont have any rain water to top it up,so if I leave a bucket of tap water for a day or so,would it be safe enough to top pond up with it? my tap water is classed as moderately soft!

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  • EsspeeEsspee Posts: 274

    Hi Wendy,

    My pond is looking pretty established by now and the weather has been glorious and dry for a fortnight.  I found that the water level dropped dramatically especially when it was hot and windy so I have left a hose pipe dripping to keep the level up while I am away.  


    My tadpoles have thinned out considerably but I have a whole host of other beasties, including what I think are dragonfly nymphs, in residence.  During this heatwave I have spent far too much time on my tummy simply observing, but I'm loving it.

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    Wendy - a bucket of tap water will be fine after sitting for a couple of days. I can top mine up directly from the tap as we have soft water up here. image

    Looking good Esspee. Observing is all part of the job of a pond owner...image

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    I look upon my pond as a big scary place but tonight as I was trailing around the edges I noticed a frenzy of activity in, on and around the lily pads. It was heaving with loads of wee tiny frogs about an inch long. Note to self:- do more observing! image

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