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    ref gunners take a look at Dermera Peltata on paddocks

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    Thanks Chris, that gives me hope.  It was Baltic outside today and any tadpoles I could see were not moving.  The five I have indoors were similarly static but all gave a wiggle when I moved the bowl.  I have placed some boiled lettuce in the pond and the bowl with no signs of interest.  They are tiny so I expect they don't need much food yet.


    Star Gaze Lily, we think alike.  I have planted a couple of ferns on the edge but they have yet to unfurl.  There is also mimulus in the overflow area.  I want to have it looking like a mini slice of nature so flowers won't dominate.  The yellow flag (bottom left hand corner) I feel may be out of scale so I shall be looking for a dwarf variety.  I'm having to learn about pond plants from scratch so it will take time.  The wildflower area should be easier as I have a strip in the front garden which I gathered seeds from in the autumn.

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    If they've just hatched they'll be eating the unicellular algae that would be suspended in the water in an established pond.  But there'll be some on the stems and leaves of the plants you've imported, so they won't all starve!

  • EsspeeEsspee Posts: 274

    Zenjeff, love the Dermera thanks.  Couldn't find it on that website but found a pic elsewhere.  It is definitely on my list now.

    Steve, thanks for the reassurance.

    Tetley, I wasn't aware Arum Lillies were poisonous.  Thank you for that info.

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    Ponds and water features are looking great guys. Just a little off topic heads up - been hearing lots of stories of poor hedgehogs and their babies falling in lately and although they are great swimmers, they soon die of exhaustion if there is no ramp or way out. Obviously shallower ponds aren't so much of a problem image

  • EsspeeEsspee Posts: 274

    Fortunately the rigid pond liner I bought has a slope built in which I have extended  across the bottom corner by building up flat slate pebbles.  It doesn't look right to me and I would much prefer a graded gravel beach but don't yet know how I am going to achieve this.  Problem is that the liner has a central deep area, a marginal ledge at each end and a slope like a staircase to allow creatures to get out at the bottom.right hand corner.  As I build up the marginal ledge any small stones I put in tend to slide into the deep middle bit.  Any suggestions would be welcome.

  • Hi all,last year I buried a large planter tub which measures 16 inches deep by 22 inches across in my garden in quit a sunny spot,near some bushes.Any way I put 2 plants and some elodea for oxygen,got some tads from my sister, they seemed to be doing ok,but had a horrible job of scooping out Mosi larve every day. Then my tadpoles never really seemed to get to frogs,well a couple of um grow legs and still had tails,but others stayed the same.Still was there through winter,no different,any way looked in pond last week and what a mess,algae was the only thing growing in there,no sign of the tadpoles,so either died,or hopped it. So decided to clear it all out few days ago,this will be my 3rd attempt at having a wild life pond,I am not giving up,have put a few rocks in the bottom so to stand the 2 potted plants I have,which I have standing in buckets in the sun at the moment until my tap water matures which is in 3 buckets.Going to the garden centre on Saturday to buy few plants,1 oxygenator,1 floating and maybe another,any thing else I need to know guys?

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    Just leave it to its own devices

    Let it find its own way

    Mosquito larvae would be pray items for newts toads frogs and tadpole.
  • The tadpoles weren't even bothered about the mosquitos didnt eat them,was just a nuisance having to go out every day and net the larvae out!image

  • darren636darren636 Posts: 666
    Newly hatched tadpoles are far too underdeveloped to hunt, but as they get older and start to resemble a newt, they'll go for bigger prey.

    At first they are fees on green stuffs.
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